Sunday, May 18, 2014

Birds in Tommy Thompson Park

Last weekend we went on an awesome adventure to Tommy Thompson Park on Toronto’s Leslie Spit (coincidentally, it was International Migratory Bird Day). We saw lots of wildlife and had a great time walking around. We were lucky enough to see Baltimore orioles, gold finches, red-winged blackbirds, American robins, eastern kingbirds, mute swans, trumpeter swans, Canada geese, double-crested cormorants (by the thousands!), herring gulls (ditto!), killdeer, common terns, long-tailed ducks, mallards, tree swallows (loving all the mayflies), and (the species I was most excited about seeing) a black-crowned night heron. We also saw some Blanding’s turtles, an eastern cottontail rabbit, and some evidence of beavers (felled trees and gnawed sumac) and coyotes (digested remains of said bunnies). 

For the remainder of the spring and summer there are two more bird species I would like to see: wood ducks (which I understand can be found by the patient viewer in High Park) and bald eagles (which have returned to Rouge Park). It would be so brilliant to see either of these beautiful species in the city! During the summer I interned at the Ontario Science Centre, I would use my break time to go birding in the fields and marches behind the buildings. I would always keep an eye out for wood ducks, but never was lucky enough to see one (I did however see orioles, red-tailed hawks, and grosbeaks). 

I am so looking forward to having some time to spend outdoors this summer! 

- Liz