Sunday, September 29, 2013

Elephant Study

I returned once more to coloured pencils. A  slightly more serious project than I have attempted in a while. This project has, unfortunately, reached that stage where all I can see are the marks I wish I could take back and change; fresh eyes are long gone!

Thanks to any and all that follow the blog for continuing to follow! It's nice to imagine you out there.

- Liz

Inspiration Post: Carl Akeley

Carl Akeley was a fascinating artist and naturalist; one of those trailblazing conservationists who came to know the wilderness in part by hunting and collecting exotic species. He had a keen eye for physical detail and created taxidermy mounts and sculptures known for their accuracy and sense of action. Akeley’s work can be seen at both the American Museum of Natural History and The Field Museum. Also of note, Akeley petitioned for the creation of what is now known as Virunga National Park, the first national park in Africa.

The details of Akeley’s life are captivating, and more information can be found at: (link).

- Liz

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Keller Williams Tree Logo

This is my submission for a logo design contest for Keller Williams with More Than a Little. This is a sketch based on a tree painting that I did a few years ago. I reworked the branches into the band name and hand some fun trying out different colours. Here is one of the variations that I like:

- Pat

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Inspiration Post: Charles R. Knight

Charles R. Knight (1874 - 1953) was a natural history artist who drew and sculpted a wide variety of subject matter, but is probably best known today for his drawings of prehistoric creatures. Knight was able to give his creatures a liveliness that lacked from many other illustrations at the time - Knight's animals leaped and roared and stalked. His work is still found in major natural history museums around the United States.

I really enjoy his instructional drawing book Animal Drawing: Anatomy and Action for Artists. I started referencing this book in high school and I still refer to it today. I recommend it as a resource for young artists especially!

For more information, check out: (link).

- Liz