Thursday, August 23, 2012

Jack Straw and Sugar Magnolia

Here are two new additions to a series of images that I'm putting together inspired by songs of the Grateful Dead. I've been enjoying colouring these in Photoshop and playing around with the program, instead of painting them as usual. The first in this series was done last summer, for Samson & Delilah, (see it here). 

I wanted to get the feeling of the songs without pinning them down too much. I focused on one verse, or a few lines for each, working mainly with themes and colours. That way I was able include specific imagery and symbols from each story without them becoming narratives. 


Sunday, August 19, 2012

It Lives

Here are some sketches I've done of our foster fishy, Nick Jr., and my favourite kitty, Bob:


There was a lovely, bright rainbow the other day, but by the time I grabbed the camera it was already fading away. I still like this picture though, with the bright foreground and dark clouds; it makes me think of the west coast. 

- Liz