Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sugar Bush Adventure!

A few weekends back I went on an excellent adventure with my Da, to a sugar bush. If you have never experienced it, a sugar bush is a magical stand of maple trees that is tapped for sap, which you can then purchase in the refined form of syrup or candies. In the early spring, when the sap production is up, sugar bush operators sometimes have activities for tourists.

Unfortunately, we didn't go on one of the big 'festival' days, so they weren't making maple sugar candies in the snow (this is the best thing ever! You put a popsicle stick in a trough filled with snow, and then someone pours hot maple sugar over your stick and the snow, and then the cold of the snow makes the sugar harden into a delicious candy over the stick. Ah, candy, I love you...).

I took some pictures (and somehow managed to only take one with actual maple trees in it).

I have also been rooting around in old sketchbooks the last few weeks, and uncovered more fan art-y things. Here's Alice the vampire:

- Liz

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Weeping Cherry

Here's a new tree portrait that I recently finished, thanks to March break. This one is a Weeping Cherry from my neighbourhood in Richmond Hill. There aren't many old trees around but they love ornamental trees like this one here, most of the houses have one somewhat like this.

Process photos...

Prints are available at my Society6 store.