Thursday, January 27, 2011

Fan Art: I know, I know.

Yeah, so, this is fan art for Breaking Dawn. Embarrassing!

- Liz

Fan Art: Holly Black

Continuing with the geekiness...

I read books for kids. Like, a lot. Among those young adult and children's books are Holly Black's fairy stories, which I enjoy immensely. These are the most recent odd little sketches I've done of her characters.

- Liz

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Fan Art: Post #1

Welcome to a new series of posts that will feature our fan art!

It may be embarrassing and looked down on by some (most), but it is fun. Many artists keep their fan art hidden away in sketchbooks, on a USB key or deep in some portfolio case. But we think it should be shared. And who is more appropriate to begin this series than Leia? Here'a a pen sketch that I coloured in photoshop:

- Pat

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Winter Blog Update

So, we're finally back in Richmond Hill, all ready to get back into school and get our educations-on! Pat will probably make me change that bit later because it doesn't make sense... I'm all hopped up on green tea ice-cream and don't know what's what.

Winter recap!
Pat decided to kick-off our break by making a breakfast fit for a pre-Revolutionary French monarch.

Yes, that is a donut. And bacon, and whipped cream. Let this stand as further proof of how little there is to do in Richmond HIll to entertain oneself.

I went back into the wilds of New Brunswick to visit Mumsy and Dewey the wonder dog. We drove around looking at New Brunswick-y things, like eagles and beaches and adorable buildings. We spent an afternoon at the Beaverbrook Art Gallery, which I would absolutely recommend to anyone who finds themselves in the Fredericton area. It has a small collection, but it is rotated frequently and the docent we talked to was an astounding font of knowledge. Astounding, I say! (I really shouldn't be allowed to have ice-cream before blogging).

Here are a few pictures from an adventure we had on a beach in Chamcook.

There was an odd little house on the beach that was mostly abandoned. These were silk flowers in the window. Inside there was a bizarre collection of items, including deflated mylar balloons, a photo portrait of the Queen and Prince Philip, a smiley-face beach ball, an old cast-iron range, and broken ceramic figurines. You can see the beach here reflected in the glass.

There were also massive icicles.

And a dead deer!

Back home, Dewey demonstrated his amazing pancake-balancing abilities. Just like his personal hero, Oolong.

Holiday stuff!
We received lots of excellent stuff for Christmas and our birthdays! Thank-you to friends and family for awesome times and too much food!

Pat got a hat...

A small mound of (some of) the books we received. And then we went out and bought more books with our birthday money! Pat was also given a wee Dexter figurine (complete with knife, garbage bag, and ID badge) and I was given the warthog from a friend who knows me too well.

We aren't big on Christmas trees, but we try to make our houseplants a bit festive.

This past weekend we went to the Science Centre to see the Whales: Tohorā exhibition. They had an excellent collection of odontocete skulls (excellent if you are a major nerd, like myself) and two full sperm whale skeletons among other natural history displays, as well as a collection of Maori artwork both depicting whales and made from whale teeth. While we were there we stopped by to visit the kinetic fish sculpture I was involved in constructing (as an art facilitator to the community) and the indoor rainforest.

Me and fish.

Rainforest room!

Art stuff!
Before the break I was working on a weird assemblage piece to fulfill an assignment I had, to represent my own philosophy of education. The whole piece is glued and epoxied together, so I can lean it against things at dangerous angles.


And I finally finished a skeletal study I've been ignoring forever! I started this right after I graduated art school and promptly buried the sketchbook it was in. I hope to do more studies like this soon.

Meow, meow, meow.

That's some of what we've been up to in the last month. I hope you are all having a good start to the new year!
- Liz